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Anime Rules

Post by Raizhu on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:21 pm

Now, I know how serious some people are about the Pokemon anime, but you'll have to follow a couple rules.
1. All main rules apply.
2. Do not get into flame wars about a character or episode. You can hold civilized discussion, but keep it civilized. If you can't keep it that way, keep the convo to PMs.
3. Don't post a thread if isn't already one.
4. Please don't make posts like "So-and-so character SUCKS OMG I HATE THEM SOOOO MUCH!!1!!111" As stated before, keep the post civilized and give a reason why.
5. If your post contains spoilers from episodes/movies that have only appeared in Japan, put it in a spoiler.
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