Da Rules- Read them or die. No, I'm kidding.

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Da Rules- Read them or die. No, I'm kidding.

Post by Raizhu on Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:10 am

Alright peeps, here are the rules:

1. Don't double-post (posting twice in a row). Don't triple-post, don't quadruple-post, etc..

2. Don't go off-topic in a thread, and don't make pointless posts.
User A: What's your favorite Pokemon?
User B: Poliwrath.
User C went off-topic and made a pointless post, thus they are breaking the rules.

3. Don't make unreadable posts. You don't have to have perfect spelling/grammar, but please try to make it coherent.
This is good example of a post:
"Ash is my favorite character."
This a passable example of a post:
"ash is my favorite character"
This is a bad example of a post:
"sh iz ma fav chercter"
This is a terrible example of a post:

5. Copyright violation. Don't do it. Don't post links to full episodes or movies on YouTube or any other site. If you put fanart in a post or blog, make sure to give credit if it isn't yours.

6. Don't reply to spambots. We don't want to egg them on.

7. Don't post inappropiate content. Kiddies will be on this forum, see. So no nudity, graphic violence, or any other disgusting things like that.

8. Be polite. Don't flame, don't bait. Don't pick on people, don't make racist comments, don't threaten to hurt of kill somebody etc..

9. Don't trade somebody a hacked 'mon/steal somebody's 'mon. Stick to the rules of the trade.

10. Don't sockpuppet (create more than one account).

11. Don't try to evade bans by sockpuppeting. If you were banned, it's your fault. Grow up and live with it.

12.Do not mini-mod, pseudo-mod, or whatever you call it.

We have staff here, we only need you to press the Report button, if you see something's breaking the rules.

13. Do not ask to be staff (unless we're running a staff drive); nor question their actions.

a) It shows immaturity, and that you're only here to be part of the staff.

b) Only question if you think their actions were very, very, very wrong.

14. Discussion of ROMs is not allowed, period. Don't ask where to get them,don't ask directly about hacks, etc.. It's illegal.

Breaking these rules will result in an infraction or worse.
-PIF Staff

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